Call for Proposals - Speaking at Next.js Conf (October 2021)

Call for Proposals - Speaking at Next.js Conf (October 2021)


We want you to participate at our 2nd annual global community conference! Come speak and celebrate the 5th anniversary of the release of Next.js!

Format of Next.js Conf Presentations

After the opening Keynote, pre-recorded video presentations from Next.js Community members and sponsors will be premiered across multiple stages, where tens of thousands will watch! Presentations will vary in length, from 5 to 30 minutes, depending on the topic and speaker's preferences.

Goals for Next.js Community Speakers

  1. High Quality → Next.js Conf is for creating content that the Next.js Community will enjoy and learn from for years to come. Make your submission about a problem that you or your team have solved using Next.js.
  2. DX & UX Focused → The Next.js Community loves great developer experience (DX) and user experience (UX). Whatever your topic, relate some part of it to how Next.js addresses improving DX and/or UX.
  3. Community Oriented → This is our moment to share and celebrate the best and brightest ideas from the Next.js Community.

How to Quickly Submit your Proposal

Instead of requiring a lengthy written submission, we're simplifying the process to require one video and one email. Follow these steps:

  1. Record a Video
    1. Tell a story about a problem that you or your team solved using Next.js.
    2. Length: 60-120 seconds long - that's shorter than you think!
    3. Doesn't have to be polished or scripted. We just want to hear your story.
    4. Format: You can record with your webcam or horizontally on a phone or camera, but make sure your voice is clearly audible.
    5. [optional] Start your video with "I love Next.js!" followed by the rest of your story. It's cheesy, but we think the result will be incredible.
  2. Send your Video
    1. Deadline: September 24, 2021 at 11:45 p.m. PST.
    2. Upload your file to this Dropbox folder.
      1. Must be .mp4 (or .mov).
      2. Name the file {}.mp4
        1. e.g.
  3. Wait for Approval →
    1. We'll approve or decline every submission by September 29.
    2. Approval will be based on the following criteria:
      1. Did you follow the steps in "Record a Video"?
      2. Is your story DX & UX focused? How has Next.js changed how you or your team works, or how did Next.js help improve your site's performance and delight your users.
  • Alternative Submission →
    • If you're uncomfortable recording a video submission (or currently unable), but confident that you can pre-record a 5 to 30 minute talk for Next.js Conf, please write your story in 200-300 words and email it to


September 24 → Submission Deadline

September 29 → Notification of Approval

  • We'll approve or decline every submission via email.
  • Approved submissions will be given two actions items:
    • Confirm your participation
    • Schedule an orientation & technical check
  • Video submissions that aren't approved for a full talk may be approved as "Community Commercials" - short spotlights between longer talks.

October 1-8 → Orientation & Technical Checks

  • You will be able to schedule a time that fits your schedule.
  • Detailed instructions will be sent via email.

October 19 → Final Presentation Due

  • Presentations are due by 11:55 pm Pacific Time.
  • Detailed instructions will be sent via email.

October 26 → Premiere at Next.js Conf!

  • Your presentation will be played at some point after the Keynote at 9am Pacific Time.

Extra Notes

Please refer to our Code of Conduct for all our guidelines and non-negotiables for presenting at Next.js Conf.

Presenters will not be compensated (but can expect some merchandise).

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Feedback or questions? → Email